How to protect my PDF file uploads

My site has a PDF file for sale. After someone purchases it, they get an email with a link to the PDF file which is stored on

I thought that would work well, but I just ran a google search on the PDF book title and found the direct URL to the file is available for anyone. I can understand if an asset is visible on a published page that there isn’t a lot one can do to protect it; but this file is only in my uploads-ssl folder – so how I can ensure it’s not accessible???

Truly appreciate your help.

Don’t use the Webflow CDN / Asset Manager. You cannot protect assets uploaded to Webflow currently. You could look at one of the Membership solutions or you could use something like AWS S3 / Cloudinary / Imgix, etc. would handle this as well.


@webdev Thanks for the mention!

@WG910 We may be able to help. Just depends on your specific needs. More info about our digital product functionality can be found here:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need help getting started, etc. We’re happy to help.


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can you elaborate on “membership solutions” ??