File Upload Link Access Workarounds

Hey Webflow folks! Currently to be able to extract files from Webflow, I need to open file upload link access to be public. Ideally, I’d rather ensure access was authenticated, but I ultimately want to make this as secure as possible.

Does anybody know any good workarounds to enable file access to the Webflow API without compromising link security?? So far I can only think of the following:

  • Leave the links public, and delete form submission from Webflow’s CMS as soon as the Webhook has caught and processed the form submission (still leaves the file links open for a minute or so). I’m not sure Webflow supports submission deletion via the API.
  • Get some form of authenticated access, although I don’t think Webflow has this feature yet other than to actual users in a web browser.

Thanks for the help in advance! (I haven’t included a share link for now since there isn’t any custom code involved. If anybody would like it anyway please feel free to ask!)