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Need help with creating a complex slider, pls

It may not be complex to most, but it certainly is complex to ME. :cold_sweat:

Is there a way I can tweak the Slider widget (or create it from scratch?) where I can show 3 images in the same container, but the previous/next image are faded out?

Hard for me to explain in text. I’ve uploaded an animated gif, if this helps.

Thanks so much!!

Hi again!,

Just wanted to follow up on this thread and add another example of the gallery/slideshow I’m trying to mimic.
If you scroll down to New Hotels + Restaurants:, you can see an example.

Thanks so much in advance! :smile:

Hi @mcelso,

I think it is possible to recreate such slider with Webflow slider.
You can change slider-mask width to 60-70%, horizontally center it, add left and right margins to slides. Only I am not sure how to make appear 1st half of pic and last half.


Thank you @sabanna !
That sounds like a good start. I haven’t thought about the Mask. I’ll try with that approach, first!

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