How can I achieve this slider?

Hi there.
So my client wants me to make a site similar to this one;

However, I’m not sure how to achieve the kind of slider that is showcased in this website.
Yes, I have seen this thread:

But what I want to achieve is slightly different. Notice how it scrolls past very smoothly, and switches from one image to another simply by clicking onto the next one.

Is this possible? And if so, how can I achieve it?
Any help is appreciated.


That site is custom coded. Here’s the script that runs the custom ‘slider’

I see. The site is actually made using the portfolio-creation tool called Format. Anyway, I was able to achieve something similar, here:

See it in action here:

But I’m struggling with two things;

  1. I want to make a space in front of the first slide and behind the last slide, to make them look more centred, rather than filling up the screen. Just like the website I linked before.
  2. Is it possible to make it so that when the second slide is clicked, it switched to it?

Oh and if I were to run that script into my site, would it be possible?


Give the slides a padding left/right of 40px. Do not use background image directly on the slide itself. Put it inside the slide.

Yes, requires the arrows and slider dots to be hidden and not deleted, then possible to accomplish with custom code. Feel free to hire me here, or request a freelancer in the Freelancer category.

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