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Edge to edge slider? [Single item per scroll Carousel]

Hi, Is that possible to make this kind of slideshow in webflow?
When you click next, it move the item one by one, while showing all item together.
It goes over to the edge of the screen as well.

Or something like this:

Thank you


Start playing with the slider’s elements. You’ll see that there’s a mask element. That’s the one masking what’s around the active slide. Start by removing its overflow:hiddenproperty. Next, change slides dimensions and see how it goes.

Check the third experiment on this page: http://sab.webflow.io/interactive-elements

I did just that, and used the Slider trigger in IX1 to add animations to entering and leaving slides.

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Ah I see, Thank you for the LINK @vincent !
I’ve tried and it works! but I need to do adjustment a bit to make everything in place!

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