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Slider with preview of items left and right

Has anyone ever used the Webflow slider and was able to create this effect? First slide is the middle, with left and right slide viewable on edge for wide breakpoints.

I’m in pre production right now (just comping) and this idea came up. I’m wondering if the current slider can be customized enough.

Check the fancy slider down this page:

Using the menu you can get to the read-only version of the site or the project page to duplicate it.


You are helpful ninja sir! Thanks so much. I’m not 100% sure how you got that to work but I’ve cloned your site to inspect more later.

Awesome. Thanks again.

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Oh come on, you are a knight :wink:

Me neither, did it a long time ago. I started by giving class to every element of the slider and tweak sizes and overflow:hidden values… some have to be passed to show (the mask maybe).

Then the animations, opacity etc are dealt with interactions and the slider trigger…

Have a good digging :slight_smile:

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