Multiple images slider

Hi, I am creating a site which need a multi images slider/slideshow. I’ve follow some of the comments and ideas on how to create the slider, however, i still cannot get what i want.

  1. I’m able to create the slide mask and multiple images to show on the slider, however, it did not show infinity slides, which mean it starts on slide1(i would like to place at the center), but befor slide1 is empty, same as the last slide, after the last slide, it is empty until i click nex arrow it jump to the 1st slide.

  2. is it possible to click the image and change the slide? currently i only can switch the slide using the arrow icon and the bottom navigation dots.

  3. is it possible to show the text when the slide on the current stage, please c the example , while next and previous slide is slightly transparent on color.

  4. is it possible to have some tutorial regarding this? as i search at the forum, there are numbers of users try to find out on these issues.

currently what i get for the slide outcome:

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