Need Feedback on Current Site Layout

Hi everyone! :smiley:

Last week I made a website for an old friend and his clothing business. I showed it to him in class and he loved it and showed it to the teacher. She said that it was very nice and that she may even want me to design a website for the school program: DECA. :smiley:

I sent a follow up email 2 days later and she was ready for me to start. She gave a basic idea of what the site needed and other basic information. Right now, I am in the Design/UI Phase.

I got the initial hero inspiration from @PixelGeek because it looks exactly like the DECA promo video. The site is not responsive yet until the design is finalized.

I need suggestions, feedback, ideas and opinions. Thank you! :wink:

View here:


Hi @MinewireNetwork
Great idea, as always :wink:

Did you try to make section with the book icon different color? I would try make it white background and blue icon. It would be in color palette of logo (brand). But it is just my personal opinion :smiley:


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Good idea! How does it look now? :smiley:

did you republish site? :wink: cuz right now look the same

Yes I did, that’s weird. Try refreshing again?

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Yeah, that is what I was thinking about :slight_smile: I think light color palette is more cheerful.

You still can play around with this colors, maybe even make all three sections light (just a little difference in hue) and then on hover make them blue with white icons. Or opposite version. You still have an options :wink:

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Actually, on hover it would display text, but I can still change the text color. Thanks! How do you like the current color schemes? I’m determining whether I want flat design or colored images.

Actually I’m not really feeling the colored images. As for the “difference in hue” @sabanna, do you mean like white, light gray, gray?

Great job so far! I see you’re using a trick I used on my Razer site :wink:

Here are somethings I see that could help your design become more awesome than it already is:

Dont’ stretch photos. This ruins the photo and also could make the subjects in the photo angry.

Again great job so far! Update this post when you have more progress! :smiley:

Thanks @PixelGeek! That was a great technique that you used for the darkened photos. :smiley:

I didn’t stretch the photos, though. I shrunk all of the photos down to 250x250.

Also, this is the early stage, so the icons will be clickable soon. But now it makes me wonder if I even need the button that opens a navigation menu.

I’ll be sure to update it!

make sure to shrink and keep the ratio of the photo. the photo looks stretched

the nav menu wasn’t apparent to me until later. People aren’t used to the UX of having a hamburger menu centered at the of the screen.

Either put it on the far left or far right corner.

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Thanks @PixelGeek, I’ll look into it. On some monitors, the images are too small to take up the entire screen and below them is just black space from the background. Any ideas for a fix?

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