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Hi guys!

I’ve received messages from people saying that my portfolio site isn’t very user friendly and leaves some people confused. So I decided to make it less confusing and got straight to the point with everything. However, after doing some testing, many people liked the modern and classy look, but they thought the hero section was plain which affected their first outlook of the entire website.

How can I make it not so plain, while still being simple, user-friendly and eye-catching?

Be sure to hover over the buttons and rocket for a nice effect :wink:


beautiful work!!! Nice. Clean. Elegant.

Honestly, this is miles ahead of your previous portfolio site. Simple is more effective than flashy and you executed this very exquisitely.

Here is one small thing you could fix though:

either than that, again, GREAT JOB!!! :smiley:


Thank you so much! I was so happy reading this. I knew that Cheesesteak button would be the bane of my existence. Nice catch, I was going to fix that later today! :smiley:

Wow, next amazing work from you! :smiley:

You know, to me it is hard to understand what people mean by saying “plain” sometime. Maybe it is plain color makes them feel boring, maybe just because it is dark, or maybe they expect million colored monkeys jumping around the screen.

From what I see, I would say you prefer dark colors in design and you feel them pretty well. Maybe adding few more “bright” details or design elements to your page would help people feel more comfortable. Maybe less “white space” (which is really dark space :smiley: ) would work too. But all our advices will be about our taste.
So it is really hard to tell, firs - because it is YOUR site and represent YOU, second - there are always will be people who will not like it, unfortunately.

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Yes, this site is so much better! I think your interactions are great and the simple and to-the-point feel of the site comes through strongly too.

Maybe the text in the Design Process doesn’t stand out quite enough - I had to move slightly closer to my screen to read it properly. Larger titles are fine, but longer paragraphs with smaller text could be a bit difficult to read for some viewers. Just my opinion :smile:

I like the Business Knights site as well!

Well done! :sunny:

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Thanks @DanUK1, that means a lot! In terms of the Design Process paragraphs, are you speaking of font color, text size or letter spacing?

Nice looking site, clean work. I’d try mixing in some gold in the hero text, may make it stand out more. And I’d make the rocket/top not show until they actually scrolled down.

The contact link placement right above the recent projects throws you past the recent projects. I wouldn’t want the user to be thrown past that section, personally. Just my perspective.

Don’t lose your style trying to appeal to all criticisms… might end up with a site that doesn’t stand out or represent you or your style. Good luck!

I love it. I’m very curious to find out how you did this hover interaction.

Thank you! It’s a link block (set to overflow none) with a heading (You can’t nest items within buttons) that has a 100% width on hover. The lines are 4px div blocks That are set to move left in increments of 25px.

The interaction is having the lines start off moved down by 100%. On hover, they move up in increments of 70 MS.

Hey @MinewireNetwork

Amazing job on the new website it is very user friendly compared to the old one :slight_smile:


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Great job! Didn’t see your old site but i can say that I love this one!

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Looks awesome @MinewireNetwork you should make it public (cloning off if you want to protect your work) and I’ll feature it so you can get more eyeballs on it!

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Thank you so much @thesergie, it’s an honor! The public link is: https://webflow.com/website/minewires-stellar-site (Not cloneable)

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Awesome! I would just update the thumbnail image so it has a good representation of the site

Looks awesome, I love the form at the bottom. Just curious, do you think adding the religious aspect might turn off some potential clients? Are you geared towards creating websites for churches and such? The way it reads on the header, it just seems to come out of nowhere.

Nice work!

Alright, I found a temporary screenshot, but Waldo is making me a gif. :smiley: