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Looking for some feedback on a redesign

Greetings all,

I was trying out an idea and before I had completely finished the idea, it seemed to look so much better that I just implemented it :slight_smile: Would love some feedback and suggestions for the new design.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @DragonDon! The site looks pretty sweet! I like the alternating 50/50 design you’ve got going. Also, your contact modal looks great! I love shape and the interaction you made for it fading in and out.

The only thing that stands out as something I might try differently is the typography. I feel like a different typeface may lend itself better to the design, and the spacing is a little bigger than I personally prefer. Lastly, maybe try a different color than the dark yellow ( Just not sure how well that specific color works in conjunction with your ‘blue jeans’ theme (which I much prefer).

Hope this helps! :sunny:
Zack @ MetaFlare

Thanks for the feedback.

I was debating on colouring for the font. I think if I went with any other colour, I’d have to change the font to a much heavier one because skinny light colours get washed out in extreme solid backgrounds (i.e. all white/black).

I’ll test out a page and see how it looks.

So here it is with a ‘medium blue’ and the ‘Changa One’ font with a bit extra character spacing.

Maybe it’s just me but the blue seem a bit hard to read on the black.

Maybe go with a blue background instead…oooh…got an idea. BRB.

Ok, decided to go with a textured background. More fitting with the theme :slightly_smiling:

Hey @DragonDon! It’s quite hard to read now. Maybe consider making the text plain white, and adding an overlay (gradient maybe? Or maybe a blur filter via the CSS filters?) to the jeans texture so that the text has better contrast with the background?

Thanks. I swapped the colour to white and darkened the background more (was already darkened 50%, now at 71%).

Still think blur is needed? I don’t want to loose too much of the texture.

@DragonDon - Nah, I think it’s plenty readable now! :smile:

I still feel like the line spacing and margins could be tweaked, but you can be the judge of that!

Tweaked in what way? More spread out or more dense? I’m gonna guess spread out to take up some more space.

Hmm… It’s a bit tough to explain.

Here are some typography design guidelines I personally refer to when designing a site:

Referencing some points from those links, I would say (IMHO) that your leading is a bit too loose (item 2 from second link) and the visual hierarchy is not strong enough (item 14 from second link).

I would also say that, while the white text on the blue jean texture is more readable then the dark yellow, I still think the texture makes reading the text hard on the eyes. I would suggest using maybe a solid color background with the white text? Perhaps add a footer at the bottom of the page and use the jean texture as the background for the footer? Maybe find a color scheme that compliments your logo’s blue color?

I noticed there was a hover-over interaction on the portfolio image which widens the image on hover. The other images do not share this interaction, so it feels inconsistent. Also, when the image widens, some of the text in the image gets pushed off the edge of the screen, which has a negative appearance to me.

Oh, also the dark yellow color is still set as the text color on your mobile nav button drop down.

Anyway, there are some things to mull over. Let me know if you have any questions on these critiques! :smile:


Ok, I tweaked the Hierarchy but it’s using the stock spacing for leading though. I’m using a fairly large screen at home but I feel that if the spacing was any closer, on smaller screens it would be harder to read.

Ok, using the colour suggestion from the colour scheme link, I swapped out the denim background for the ‘orange’ solid with white text. Definitely a bolder look.

I was trying to figure out a way to make it obvious to click it, as it’ll take you to the portfolio page. Seems that it’ll be better to just give that direction in the text on the right now. Will be more consistent.

What I really don’t get is why it’s so difficult to style a link. I highlight some text, make it a link, give it a class, change the font colour and…doesn’t change. Unless I change ALL links, which is rather silly. Guess I’ll just leave it black till this becomes an easier process.

And in the spirit of discussion, this ‘current’ tag in the menu. Is there no way to edit that? The blue looks utterly horrible and the only way I can see to make it work is to build my own menu so that I don’t have to deal with ‘current’.

Do not try to be too descriptive. I think that your picture with tablet would work much better as a hero picture to show your visitor what you are really doing. that we are speaking about some zeroes and ones. if the hero image only copies the brand name, and if it doesn´t really has any connection to what you do and especially when your logotype is just a tiny square in top left corner, it´s time to rethink this bright idea and maybe change it.

Your slogan should be more explaining. Small amount of words. Nice. Keep it simple. But what about some dressing or jeans metaphore??
Web that fits you? for example ? ???
My english is not very good, but it would be great to have a connection here between what you do and what is your name. Something like Enjoy the comfort, Web manufacture, Quality never goes out of style, Dont have short legs, Never wear the same anymore, Don´t feel blue, … I dont know, be creative.

Another thing i noticed. All of your pictures are seen more like million times before. Try to be more playful. Play it differently, If you look like any other webmaking company, what is the real reason to hire you and not them? Draw pictures, take a photo of your own studio and your own space. I dont know where are you from, how we will disqus our projects, What prices you offer, What the process will look like, Who is sitting behind the table. Say it straight…
“Your ideas and our skills…” something like that… Try to make them feel you know what to do… and you are not a computer generated script or template using coder.

Another thing… Hue of orange… Blue Jeans Technical doesn´t really work well with that oldish orange - in my opinion. Ttry to play with blue and white? Maybe. Tones of grey? I know it´s your business, but world offers so many beautiful colors… So many…

One more… Menu and logo background divs with round corners… Doesnt really fit to the whole concept with straight lines and squares you are applying later on page and what looks nicer.

Last one - Blog - This is a difficult area… Because it is hard to keep it up to date and publish often new posts. It is the easiest way to make your whole website looks obsolete if your news and blog section hasnt got new posts every week of 14 days… If you are not sure if you can keep it updated, avoid making it and try webflow CMS on different project.
Anyway… That stretch effect on posts doesnt really makes me feel it is a link. It looks like an image if you do that.

Your posts should have more H1, H1 headings, simply better use of rich tech, some links, some blockquoates, nicer typography, few pictures maybe? Right now… nobody will read it. Terms and conditions has nicer text and that´s really strange, right?
I would put share buttons at the bottom of the article. it just… You dont share before you read… Make authors picture square, Don´t convince people to sign up to newsletters at the end of every post, publish something great and people will come and share it automatically, even without any buttons… They will make a way. They still remember how to do that. Just make something new and interesting…

Connect form has a text input line that is not entering text at the end of a line, it just continues…

Ok, really last one… make your logo bigger and put it somewhere people can see it. i can imagine it swings down as a label on a tshirt in the middle of the page, it can be anywhere you like. just… in a more creative way.

sorry for my language skills. it will get better… i am really looking forward to seeing your next steps.

Thanks for the notes and suggestions. I’ve taken some of those ideas and did the tweaks. The rest, we’ll just see how it goes.

I haven’t read all of the replies so my apologies if this has been suggested already - but your called blue jeans yet the whole site is orange? Surely blue would be more appropriate? Well I would play alot more on the jeans concept - at the very least I would make your navbar a pair of jeans fabric or something. Some orange stitch-style lettering for the menu text would tie it all in together nicely. Other than that looking good and good luck with your venture!

Thanks. I did have a more dark theme but getting it right without doing into the ‘cheesy’ level is a very fine balance. I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve a while more :slight_smile:

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