Feedback & Inspiration please!

Good morning/evening all.

I’ve made some major changes since I signed up to WF. I’ve started from scratch about 3 times, but I’m happy with the progress so far and what I’ve learnt, but would appreciate your thoughts generally on the look of the site.

Live site has integrated Ecwid shop which I’ve been playing with:

Current site for comparison: (the sooner this is down, the better!)

I want the site to be image heavy, so I’d like some ideas on gallery layouts if possible. I really don’t like the lightbox in the columns next to each other (They need to be re-sized to match anyway if they were to stay).

If you have any suggestions, I’d be very open to them as always.



That is stunning!! :smiley:

Excellent transformation and design and I love the icons. I know a lot about scrapping something multiple times, but the outcome is amazing, such as this. :smiley:

As for suggestions, I’d like to see some 3D transitions (Coming soon, not sure when) for the gallery. Maybe try different sized squares to keep the user engaged.

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Thank you very much Minewire :relaxed:

Yes, I like the sound of different sized images, like a large scale montage with overlays that open up the lightbox that way!?

That’s another 3 hours less sleep I’ll be having tonight! :weary:

No, don’t work on it tonight! Do a quick sketch before you start. Spend some time with your family and relax. It’s a day of rest, save it for Monday. :smiley:

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Good shout… although, it’s already Monday here! :joy:

Haha :joy:

Well, save it for later on, I look forward to seeing it.

Hi there,

Great site, much improved on the old one as mentioned (and can certainly sympathize on the starting over).

A picky point if anything, something I overlook but some website testers I use always pick it up, is that how do people know to scroll down beyond the landing page? As a designer, I often know to do that, but I’ve seen so many people leave or say “oh, it’s just one page”. Quite often a button or link that says learn more below or similar, can still keep the great look, but just clarify that so you don’t lose visitors.

Beyond this, a nice clean site. Given the nature of it, image heavy seems to work well. The icons are great!

Good luck with finishing it off!


Thanks Dom,

That’s a great point! Thank you. I did create a mouse icon pointing down early on, but I didn’t think it overly important, but as you say, people might just think one page that isn’t finished, especially on mobile. I think a nice simple arrow will do the trick, with a subtle downward gesture.

Thanks again!