Looking for Design Feedback Please

It’s always a little scary sharing the first versions, but the community here is crazy nice and unbelievably helpful.

The sites purpose is mainly informational, and will be used to supplement a very active facebook group.
Currently their active site is pretty unattractive, see here so I really wanted to updated it with some more functionality and better visuals.

Let me know any feedback you might have for the current designs, or even ideas for new sections that could improve the UX.

Thanks all!

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@marshalletaylor We could provide more helpful feedback if you posted a read-only link to your site.

Personally me, I like it. Feels fresh and definitely better than current design.
Note: I don’t know about statistic, but I prefer not so rounded fields. But again, it is just personal opinion.

Good job! :wink:


I had the same feeling at the overly rounded form fields. It’s the only thing that stands out as looking odd to me. But design is nice and fresh otherwise.

Hey @GodlessGlen , just a mockup right now, was hoping for feedback before I go to dev. Thanks!

Thanks @sabanna
I’ll see how it looks if i tone down the corner radii
Now that I review, the corners are all sharp everywhere else, might be good to go that way


@marshalletaylor Well, you’ve got a mockup AND development tool right here with webflow! I can’t think of anything I’d rather be using. There’s no way I’m still gonna touch Photoshop or whatever else is out there. Wait… are using webflow for the mockup and then exporting?

No no, photoshop first then dev in webflow.

@marshalletaylor Just curious as to why you don’t do it all here.

The website is stunning! Excellent use of colors. :smiley:

I’d say that the UI and UX is spot on. :wink:


@MinewireNetwork that’s super nice of you to say, thanks a lot!

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Just faster for me, it’s been my workflow for a while, I find I can push my creative boundaries a little further with PS, just like the creative gap between paper and digital, ideas just flow differently.

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@MinewireNetwork @marshalletaylor I agree as well. Great choice of colors and layout as well. :slight_smile:

You can knock out multiple versions of designs in programs like InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch etc in minutes that you might not even be able to create in webflow without a lot of work or even at all, and client revisions are certainly easier.

Webflow’s strength is in coding sites quickly with visual tools, but it sits in the workflow after the design tools imo, as it’s a lot quicker to build if you’ve already got the design in place. Especially as you can set it as a tracing image, and then bring in your various design elements at exactly the sizes you need them.

My feedback from the UX side is that the text is a little here and there. I’d try to stay with a consistent placement, so that your users don’t have to hunt for the text as they scroll. You can have media or pull quotes that offset the primary baseline, but you go left, center, right, left, 4 column, center, left.

This is how I’d lay it out to establish that left edge:

The 4 column people is more compact, but it’ll make the differences in copy length much more obvious then they are with your lorem ipsum.

I agree about the rounded edges of the form, they look a little off with the rest of the page being so sharp-edged.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents.

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Thanks a lot @tomjohn that is really insightful feedback, I really appreciate you going through the trouble to mock it up.