Need Advice on Migrating Links from Old Project to New Template

Hello Webflow community,

I’m embarking on a website redesign using a new template that I’m considering of purchasing. This template includes multiple pages, and I’ll be hosting it as a new project to create my redesigned website. The challenge I’m facing is ensuring that the same links from my old project, including crucial landing pages that are accessed via QR codes on distributed flyers, are seamlessly transferred to the new project.

My plan so far:

  1. Set up the new project and integrate the purchased template.
  2. Create new pages mirroring the structure of my old website.

However, the main concern is the QR code-linked landing pages. These links are printed on distributed flyers and must remain functional post-redesign.

Are there recommended practices to ensure a smooth transition for these QR code links? I have read about 301 redirects to maintain the integrity of these specific URLs but I’m not so familiar with it as I never did it before, any inisght will be apreciated. Additionally, any insights on preserving SEO during this process would be appreciated.

If you’ve dealt with a similar migration in Webflow or have insights to share, I’d be grateful for your guidance. I want to ensure everything works flawlessly.

Thank you for your assistance and advice!

Best regards,

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Hi Sophie,

First, you’ll need to inventory your QR codes. You want to know;

  • Are they static QR’s, pointing directly to your site? or are they “dynamic”, meaning they point to a tracking service that tracks and redirects them.
  • What exactly is the list of ending URLs the QR’s are directing users to?

If your QR’s are dynamic you should be able to change where they point within the QR tracking service you’re using. That means your site structure won’t matter- you can even change your domain name and you’d just update the QRs to point to whatever new pages you want.

If your QR’s are static, you’ll need to support or redirect those same URLs.

You described this as a replacement site so I’m guessing it’s going on the the same domain. Typically you’d just create the same structure ( for SEO consistency as well ), and give particular attention to the QR’d URLs and their mobile-friendliness.

If for some reason a static QR points to and you really want to point it to, then Webflow’s 301 redirects handle that nicely. Make sure to design your redirect to accommodate any querystring tracking you might have in the QR’s URL.

Thank you so much for your help ! They are indeed Static QR codes, hence my concern. I will try and support the same urls.