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Hey guys,

I’ve created a website for my company that we’re looking to launch to replace our old, tired site.

I had a meeting with the IT company that we contract to sort out our IT infrastructure/PC’s, etc and they advised that I make sure I set up redirects from the old pages (how do I go about this?), and that there are things I should be doing to make sure that we don’t fall down the search list on google such as making sure redirects don’t all point to the index page as this makes it look like we’re fishing for clicks, etc.

Do any of you have any advice or tips on this? The last thing I want is for us to be moved down the list on google because of perceived malpractice.

Any help with this is much appreciated.

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They are absolutely right, for the exact reasons you’re citing afterwards The most important being not losing the “SEO Juice” pages had before.

What you’re looking to create is a set of 301 redirects. Basically “that address now resolve to that address”

Luckily, Webflow has built 301 right in your site’s settings. It’s in the Hosting tab.

Don’t forget to follow the blue link about the wildcards, they allow for mass creating 301 if you had a lot of content on your old site.

You don’t risk doing a malpractice at all with Webflow. You only risk “not doing good practice”, which will end up in a natural regression, but it wouldn’t be a sanction.

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Thank you for the swift response.

Having just had a look at our old site, it appears that aside from the Index page none of the other pages have any SEO stuff set up; so google just pulls text from each page by the looks of it.

Where does this leave me?

Does the new SEO stuff (let’s say I copied the SEO from the old Index page) have to match the old exactly or no?

Will start setting up 301 redirects right now!


No. It’s just a matter of either keeping the same URL, or redirecting old URLs to new ones. But the content doesn’t have to match exactly.

Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.