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Cheat QR-Code links dynamic


I have a shop up and running for a client selling nuts on Webflow.
Currently Iam also designing packages for the products.

I want to add a QR Code to the package.
Problem is of now, that the content providing more information is not ready yet. So my plan is on linking the QR to a site which purpose is redirecting to wherever I want. I want to change the target later.

QR Code contains link: domain.tld/peanut
This site is redirecting now to domain.tld/shop/peanut
in some weeks I want to change the target to: domain.tld/special/peanut

first I thought using the 301 redirection tool in the setting. Is this a good idea? Is there a downside using this “permanent redirection” for my temporarily redirection?

Would be glad to hear your thoughts

Thanks and Grüße aus Hamburg

Hey Simeon !

A client of mine wants to do the same thing. Did you figure out how to do it?



I see this as perfectly fine use. A QR code is a link only insomuch as an app converts the data to a URL. It is not necessarily a “published” link the way search engines would infer where it exists as an actual link. A redirect lets you point a path on the site to a new location. Just remember that as you update the location you may need to update an older redirect as well.