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Redirect from one url to another

My darling client printed 20,000 QR codes to an old URL. Rather than print a new QR code they want me to redirect the page it links to the new URL. e.g. when the loads it automatically redirects to I thought it would be simply putting the new url in the 301 hosting page section, but seems I’m wrong.
Is there any other way of doing it someone can help me with.
Thank you


Hey @caspian_kl! Welcome to the forum!

Is the old URL an entirely different domain? Or the same domain as the Webflow project?

If it is the same domain, then you should be able to just add in the 301 redirect and publish.

An entirely different domain, and that seems to be the problem.

Yeah… :slightly_frowning_face: That would be the problem…

Are you able to add the old domain to your Webflow project? If not, you may have to use some sort of Domain Forwarding service from the Domain Provider, if available.

The ‘old’ site can’t host the new ‘offer’ because of some technical limitation that is definitely above my pay grade, but we can’t move the whole site to the ‘new’ url just for a few customers to redeem an offer. Hence the reason to redirect the link to the ‘new’ url for those few QR scanning people. (the new url is the parent company site, also on Webflow that I manage). At the moment the only solution I can think of a button with a link to the new page, but it’s pretty clumsy. Figured there is a more elegant solution: on page load goto this url.

Interesting. Depending on the old site, and how it is hosted, there may be a way to set up a 301 redirect to one of the pages in the Webflow project on that end. Or to use some script to redirect the user on page load. Depends on how the old site is built.

it’s not a very complicated Webflow site hosted on Webflow. if I put the old page in the 301 redirect I get this error. Yes it is a page, but it’s the page I want to redirect… so confused.

Right. Yeah, 301 redirects can be a bit confusing.

You cannot setup 301 redirects on pages that exist on a project, only on slugs that do not exist.

On the project you are trying to set up the 301 redirect on, you have a page in the project with the slug /old/membership.

You will either need to delete that page, or change the slug. I am guessing since it is in a folder called Old, you may not need it, so changing the slug shouldn’t cause any issues. Change it to something like membership-old.

Once you do that, you should be able to setup a 301 redirect with the old path: /old/membership

Just as a side note, when you change the slug of a page in Webflow, it will automatically try and create a 301 Redirect for you directing the old slug to the new one. You may need to delete that to setup the new one going to the new site.

Hope that all makes sense.

Thanks for your help so far. I deleted the page. republished it. went Ito the 301 Redirects. added /old/memberhsip I the old path and the http://new url but I still getting the same error message as in the image above.

Refreshed it and repeat. It seems to be fixed. Thank you so much Drew!

No worries! Glad to hear it’s all good.

Always good to have an extra publish after changes like that to make sure they have been pushed out.


doh!. Why 20 redirects?

Looks like it might be a cache issue. Working fine for me in Safari. Try clearing your cache and try again.

Good to know! I’ll hold off telling the client it’s ready for a bit— thanks again