NATIVE member blogging?

WITHOUT the use of any 3rd-party apps, is it possible now that we have membership capabilities, to let our members submit forms for things such as blog posts but have their username and details automatically attached to that form, AND automatically publish to their page, without them needing to type their information in for every post?


It looks like you may be able to do this with Webflow’s logic feature (see screenshot from product page)… which would be all internal on Webflow.

As far as the post arttribution you can probably do this with memberships + a hidden form field and a little bit of JS

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That is my asumption as well.

When I built a site in Bubble, I was able to pull user data from the CMS and automatically place that user’s info into the form to be filled out. That info was then displayed in what was essentially an uneditable input field, so that when the submit button was clicked, that form would interact only with that user profile, but never required them to fill out their name or choos it from a dropdown.

I have tried to pull CMS data into an input field in Webflow, but not been able to. Like you said, workflows may be able to handle this.

If I do need javascript to accpmlish this, any suggestions where to find that apart from maybe W3 Schools?


Actually something like this might be able to be modified for what you are trying to do: Get the Current User's Info in Memberships - Webflow

For JS if needed I would search the forums, stackoverflow, or I’ve used ChatGPT to help with writing scripts

Gotcha. Okay, great, thank you, Austin!

Hey Timothy,

The answer to your initial questions is “sort of” but with a good deal of major limitations.

If you have zero concerns about security, and have no need for an ongoing admin interface ( show me my blogs, edit my blogs, unpublish my blogs… ), then you can build something very simple which;

  • Uses Memberships to identify authorized users
  • Has a gated page, which members can use to submit blog posts
  • That form simply posts to the CMS, but includes their name and email automatically

Then yes you can build that.

I’m not sure how useful that is for blogs though, because Webflow’s forms do not offer a rich text input element, and Logic doesn’t support updates to rich text fields in the CMS. In a Webflow-only solution, you’d be limited to plain-text only, or possibly Markdown syntax.

You need only one [free] lib to do this, which is the Logged-In User Info lib that Austin linked above. Here are the full docs. The cloneable Austin linked demos how databind user info to form fields as well, which is exactly what you’re looking to do.

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