Reference the logged in user account in form submission

I’ve made a form that is only accessible to an access group of verified user accounts, the form uses webflow logic to turn it into a cms item that is visible across the site. I’d like the created cms item to include information about the user account of the user that submitted the form, and link to a page with more information about them. Is this possible natively in Webflow?

Natively, no. You need-

  • To build a Users collection, and populate it using external automations against the user created, updated, and deleted webhooks ( e.g. user-updated webhook → update CMS item ).
  • To link your other data to those Users ( single-ref )
  • To deal with deletes, etc if that should become necessary

For users to update their data, you can do this on the user account page, either;

  • Use custom user fields for all of the user data, and your automation picks that up automatically and updates the CMS
  • Use a standard Webflow form, or logic-bound form to retrieve and update that data ( more building involved here ). Use a Logic form or automations to update the CMS, along with SA5 User Info to get a unique user identifier.
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