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Hi there.
I’ve built a website using WF and the client has a new request. I’m not technically gifted but i’ll give things a try
Here’s the website.

The client wants a hidden link ( no problem there ) to send to cities ( would be a single user from that city ) that are getting involved in the challenge. For a place they can populate forms so the product owner can quickly see contact details, reasons for taking part, goals and outcomes. Nothing necessarily needs to be hidden from other cities taking part.

The user would populate forms and hit save/ update. They don’t necessarily need a login.

trying to get my head around if something like this would be possible with webflow? does it need the membership stuff ( is it still in beta ) ? or would it just be easier for the product owner to populate via the cms and then that shows in the front end.

Any thoughts, ideas, possibilities would be most welcome.


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Without going to far into the requirement details, it sounds like what you’re wanting is actually doable now in Webflow.

I’d approach it this way;

  1. Use Memberships so that you have some way to contact the form submitters and have a verified email.
  2. In a membership-secured page, have your form to capture the details you want.
  3. Bind it to Logic ( you’ll need to apply for the Logic BETA if you haven’t yet )
  4. Use the Sygnal Attributes Logged-In User Info lib to pre-populate certain form fields, so you know who sent it. Email is fine.
  5. Build your Logic flow to insert the item in the CMS, and you can display that wherever you want.

You will not have a viable user-editing process in this setup, but since you can reliably track which data was submitted by whom, you can have them email you change requests and those requests can be trusted.

If that’s an option, then yes it would be. They could do that through the editor on each city page.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s not a problem submitting form data into the CMS. Though, you’d definitely want to block that behind a password protected page or a membership login.

A few options…

Then you’ll need to submit those forms into the CMS…

If you end up gating content with Memberstack you can get creative…

Once it’s in the CMS, then it’s trivial to display through a CMS Collection Page (or through Memberstack if you’re using them).

Hope that helps!

thanks so much @memetican

Hero - thanks for your advice @ChrisDrit