Checking before diving in

Hellow Webflowers….

I would like to pick your brains to see if the following is possible in webflow before I invest too much into it only to find it’s not feasible.

I would like to build the web-app, where users can:

  • Create an account, Login and submit details via online form. The form inputs has confidential information which should not be visible to other users, I.e user account specific.
  • Signed in users can update a Form which includes attachments, photos, text etc
  • Integrate zoom into the application as part of the process. once a user reaches a certain step, zoom calls can be scheduled.
  • Send sms, emails etc.
  • form input integrated into a serverless DB like airtable

Are each of the above possible?

Thank you in advance.


Native in Webflow your only real option here is custom user fields which is a feature in Memberships. They can only be accessed (normally) on the /user-account page. Some of them can be set during the sign-up process.

Through /user-account yes, but I’m not certain if attachments and images is supported there. WF was working on that feature when further work on Memberships was shelved.

You can use a 3rd party integration like Calendly for the scheduling.

Not from Webflow. Webflow is not an app-development platform. You’ll have to figure out exactly what you’re needing there.

If you’re talking about those above member fields, you could potentially build an integration through the Webflow API using an automations platform like Make.

Check Powerimporter pro as well, and Whalesync as they may offer memberships sync that will do what you need.

Welcome @James-me :wave:

No, Webflow Memberships is not designed to create a web application. It’s designed to gate content with basic use-cases.

That said, you can use it with other 3rd party services, or replace it (while still using Webflow) with other 3rd party services.

Yes, Webflow Memberships gives you this ability. Each user has their own account page where they can do such things.

You can use the native Webflow file upload feature (business plan) or use Uploadcare (3rd party).

No problem, but again outside of Webflow and with a 3rd party.

Use Make (Integromat) to trigger these actions based upon form submissions, or Webflow Webhooks, and send those to Twilio or and email provider from a Make integration.

That’s fairly simple. You can submit native Webflow forms directly to Airtable, do the same thing triggered through a Webflow Webhook, or put Make (Integromat) in the middle to work with Airtable.

All of those solutions give you a free tier to prototype and see if they meet your needs.

Lots of tutorials and screencasts walking through the building blocks to do this stuff on my blog @

Hope that helps!

Thank you Michael/ Chris.

I’m more than happy to use third party tools to integrate within the webapp.

My main concern was I couldn’t have that overall user login and form filling later working with with my main webflow website.