User accounts to CMS

Hi All!
I’m struggling to figure out what is the use of user accounts?

The user flow idea of my services is that a client (musician) signs up and his profile appears on the website (picture + description). At present moments I receive all submissions to my email and manually add them to my CMS collection. I would like to find the way to add automatization, so I could at least review new CMS items and “approve” them.

I understand there are various options like webhooks, API and etc. But can’t figure out the best way.

Thanks for the help.

This is the desired flow:

website link
Current application form:

CMS collection profile gallery:

Current CMS collection that is updated manually, but I wish new submissions would add automatically:

It’s possible to build that with WF’s User Accounts, but you need a good amount of custom code to fill in the gaps, and the resulting system isn’t particularly secure. You’d need to be reasonably technical and have good coding stills to build this.

Memberstack is somewhat better as a solution for this use case in a few key ways- while you’d still need to do a lot of custom code, it has far more examples including some for building similar listing services. It has a membership-dedicated community and it also supports SSO which is a big win for situations like this, where a band isn’t likely to remember their login.

Wized is currently the most complete solution for building this kind of capability on a Webflow-hosted site, however I think it’s still in beta.

But back to user accounts.
If you’re determined to link users to cms records, one approach is to create a “users” collection where you mirror your membership logins. You can partially automate that using the webflow API’s webhooks with Logic. The basic approach would be to connect the “new user created” hook to a webhook-triggered logic flow.

Here’s a guide to that process, for a different use case ( auto-enrolling User Account members in an email newsletter ).

Once that’s connected, you have all of the data you need, the rest is a lot of JS to connect everything, filter your data, prepare hidden fields for your Logic-bound forms to create and update listings, etc.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds pretty complex to me, but I’m going to look into all these options.

Absolutely- Webflow user accounts is really only useful for gating content like articles to specific groups of people. Once you want to track user-specific data or [omg] have users add their own data, you’re far outside of what user accounts is designed for.

I haven’t used them as I usually build custom systems but you might look at something more geared towards building simple apps, like Bubble?