Features that would make WebFlow complete for exported sites

After using WebFlow for over a year now, we’ve compiled a list of features that would make the tool complete for our needs. I have excluded any JavaScript type features. These are mostly around the CSS and HTML that WebFlow generates. Since we export from WebFlow and then add the static files WebFlow generates to our website (with some automated modifications), our needs might be slightly different than others.

Here’s our list:

  • Full table support
  • “All Inputs” style
  • “All Selects” style
  • “All Textareas” style
  • “All Error Inputs” style
  • “All Error Selects” style
  • “All Error Textareas” style
  • “All Error Labels” style
  • “All Buttons” style
  • “All Text block” style
  • Ability to style all base HTML elements (i.e. “All BLOCKQUOTEs” and “All FORMs”)
  • Ability to localize a style to a element type (i.e. div.rounded)
  • Ability to nest styles (i.e. div.main-area div.rounded)
  • Ability to upload static resources that are included in the head and present in preview and published modes (like CSS and JS files)
  • Ability to clean up images (remove unused, lowercase names, remove spaces, etc)
  • Markers around sections and symbols (like comments or something that would make it easier for our system to tweak or rip them out)
  • Ability to view all pages and locations a style is being used and jump to them. This would help when trying to remove a style or replacing it with something else.

Those are the main ones and I’m sure other folks have other needs, but for just base styling and web building, these feel like they are the main features we need. I’d also be fine if these were only available in some type of “uber mode” that is sort of a buyer beware type of thing.


Having a root style for all the base elements, just like they do with paragraphs, headings, and the body, would be fantastic for me as well. I started a project where we were using an atomic methodology, but not being about to manipulate the root styling of each element was an issue.

Maybe this could be accomplished by an ‘expert mode’ or something, that would give access in the GUI to those root classes. Right now I create a root class called the same as the base element, but with all of the combo classes I have, things can get a little messy.

Excellent idea. I figured having the root styles for just a few more items might be enough, but setting the root styles for everything might help as well. The kicker there is that you don’t want to influence the grid at all. I’ll add that idea to the main list.

I don’t have root styles for everything, such as individual columns or something as generic as a div, but I’ve never understood why it’s there for a paragraph and body, but not for form elements, block quotes, and text blocks. Seems like an overlook to me, but I’m sure there’s some technical reason.

That makes sense. I tweaked my list a bit.

@tomjohn - I was just playing around and it looks like they added all of these root styles:

  • All Blockquotes
  • All Strongs
  • All Ems

Not sure if that covers all your cases, but thought I would share.

I’m not seeing that on the blockquotes… and I’m not sure what you mean by all strongs and all ems.

I’m talking about this functionality:

Is that what you’re talking about?

@tomjohn you have to select a blockquote and then choose that tag. Same for bolded text, italic text, figures, figure captions, etc.

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How did I not know about this…? That literally changes my entire workflow. I feel both empowered and ashamed.

Thank you thank you.

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You beat me to the punch. I was just taking screenshots of that. :smile:

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