CSS Grid is great but

Hi guys at Webflow
I just saw the sneak peek on css grid. Thats really great to see and i will love to use it.
BUT… i think there are a lot of things we need very urgent.

I put some important ones here:

  • pseudo classes to choose like hover (first-child, last-child…)
  • in a form i can’t set the attributes for checkboxes. it only names it true or false…
  • cms image gallery with lightbox (the easy way, the hard way it works already)
  • cms collections within cms collection (multi reference element in a collection item…)
  • multilanguage support
  • animation settings from % to px or versa dosn’t work well (the elements jumps on the screen)
  • and please roll out the e-commerce function ; )
  • filter functions in the page using buttons for cms collections
  • bigger desktop breakpoints
    thats only a small list. the most or all of them are in the wishlist.
    it would be great if these things come in the near future

and i’ve noticed some bugs in safari. first i was unable to hit enter after putting some numbers in the designer 8i have to click ok). now i can’t even put text in a textbox because of the auto save. when safari auto saves the selected element becomes unselected. the use in safari changes from good to almost unuseable…

webflow is the exact tool i’ve ever wanted so keep up with your great work!

Thank you

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Hey @mark_artos

Lots of features, like css grid, are what I believe to be stepping stones on the way towards Webflow Ecommerce. :raised_hands: I don’t speak for Webflow or have private knowledge, but I do believe that improvements to the designer, editor, and css features (like) grid are bite-sizes goals necessary to pull of the ecommerce solution. So take heart, I think Grid coming soon is a good sign. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I like a lot of suggestion on your list and know that other users agree. Head over to the official Wishlist which the staff uses to gauge interest in new features and vote for things on your list. I believe most if not all of them are represented over there. If not, please add a new wishlist item and link back to it here for others to find.


Also please use the Bugs category to post about any issues you encounter.


I know the Safari bug has been reported already.

Love your enthusiasm to improve Weblow! Happy designing.


Missing gallery

Elementor example:

OR wix:

multilanguage and " e-commerce" after normal gallery are the next “game changers”

Hi @matthewpmunger

CSS Grid for the coming Ecommerce makes totally sense.
Thanks for the note.

I really love Webflow and look forward to the innovations.