The ultimate wish list

General features

Dynamic social media buttons that automatically share {{current page}} to e.g Facebook, Twitter…

Navigate to section on different page like in Squarespace (Go to top of new page, then scroll down to section)

Set opacity on svg assets

Gradient effect on text

Ability to set dynamic list layout with different amount of columns. E.g: 3 desktop, 2 in tablet and 1 in mobile. [Edit: can be done in flex]

Dynamic list pagination and dynamic filtering.

Directional scroll trigger (e.g: hide menu when scrolling up, show menu when scrolling down)

Multiple languages


Editors should be able to upload and store files from the CMS interface.

Editors should easily be able to control lightbox content from the CMS interface.

Editors should be able to preview content made in the CMS before publishing [Edit: see bellow]

Link for phone numbers in CMS that work on mobile phones (like ‘mailto:’ does for email) [Edit: use text, not textlink]

Client billing

There should be an option to automatically send a copy of the invoice to the client when the clients credit card is charged.

There should be an option to choose between annual and monthly payment plan for client billing.

Designer interface

Option to sort Styles in StyleManager alphabetically.

Global Color swatch

Update existing images in Assets instead of just uploading new versions.

Visibility and lock on/off toggles for elements in the Navigator (like layers in Illustrator).

Pin canvas width in desktop view when switching back to desktop view from tablet/mobile view. (goes back to full width now)

  • Editors should be able to preview content made in the CMS before publishing.

I’ve asked for this feature to be less discreet, because it actually exists. I use it all the time to finish the writing of articles in WYSIWYG.

So that’s a draft:

And you can check and modify it using this link:


Just in case of:

will do it

But I really want it in the UI too.

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Yes, yes, yes and yes :slight_smile:

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Just in case of: will do it. But I really want it in the UI too.

Sort of, but this metode “hard cut” directly to the section on the new page. It’s a bit hard to understand where you navigated to. In Squarespace the user is taken to the top of the new page, then it scrolls down to the selected section.

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Yes, I haven’t experienced it but I understood that’s what you were talking about.

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Hi @Christoffer, yup, it is not built in yet, but cross page, smooth section scrolling would be an awesome feature update for the Navbar widget :slight_smile: I will be standing cheering with you, when this enhancement is added :slight_smile:

p.s. great list :slight_smile:

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I think Foundation Zurb has a trick to change the order of columns!

Yes, but I’m lazy, I want it out of the box in Webflow! :wink:

Don’t want better forms? :smiley:

  • Whitelabeled forms
  • automatically send form data and styled emails to the form filler and the client
  • The possibility of adding cms data to a form. (this will make webflow one of the strongest event booking services in the world)

@krubens That would be nice too! Have you looked at Zapier?

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Yes :slight_smile: But as I have found out is that there is no form that I can add cms data to. If you know of any, please let me know! :smiley:

So if you have a climbing gym and you have 30 different events on a different days or something like that.
As of now, the customer have to fill in what day and what event he wants to go to.
The client who run the site cant just add a bullet list or a dropdown or even a header that gets included in the form-email so they now what event the customer wants.

I don’t think zapier solves that. But the rest is fine. I juse JotForm and that works great, but the client still has to use a different tool to get everything to work, and thats not good :slight_smile: