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My first webflow website... feedback appreciated!

I recently redesigned my website using webflow. I used to use homestead’s sitebuilder but it really lacked a lot of the features I was going for and was not responsive. My visitors are using mobile phones or tablets a little more than 50% of the time they visit. I really needed a DIY solution and webflow was perfect!

I’m looking for some feedback from the pros. I think I did a good job, but know there is a ton of room for improvement. My site is

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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OMG those puppies! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I like your style style a lot. Give a very welcoming feeling!


Thank you! We’ve been blessed with some really amazing pictures from our puppy families. I wanted to create a way to showcase all the pictures, worried about page load though. :frowning:

I didn’t check the image sizes… but optimizing them is simple enough.

There are online resources where you can optimize an image for free.

Or… for a few bucks… you can buy a “better application”.

You get what you pay for… the free ones are good. Generally, the paid ones are better.

If you are on a Mac… the mac store has “PhotoBulk” for like $3 or something.

I use it literally every day. And unlike free apps… where you do 1 image at a time…

PhotoBulk… lets you optimize them in… bulk :smile:

There are many good free and paid apps to choose from. Google it.

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in noticed something strange on your website. If you click the dog in the footer, some texts will change their fontweight and color. Is that purposed?

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the late reply. I noticed that also and have not been able to nail down the cause. It seems that when you click on various elements on the site the header text changes. Any idea why this would happen. It’s not intentional.

put up a public link. so we can perhaps see what’s causing it.

Ok, it’s public. I would love to solve that issue. It’s very noticable on a mobile device.

hmm… My mind reading skills have deteriorated badly with age

…you gotta tell people what the public address is

otherwise, there’s a lot of guessing involved :wink:

I didn’t check the image sizes… but optimizing them is simple enough. - Done.

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ignore what just erased. brain fart.

You can see the site? I made it public. Do you need a link?

Thanks. I am going to optimize some of the homepage images and see what a difference it makes!

yes. a public link is needed…

First I like your layout but it’s REALLY REALLY heavy weight wise.

  1. My suggestions is reduce the amount of slides and images and use a
    call to action to see “ALL THE DOGS”

  2. Secondly your call to action “Subscribe Today” blends a bit too much
    into the website.

  3. Finally the image under the “Australian Labradoodle Breeder Love!”
    is HUGE - just dump it or try to execute it a different way.

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Thanks for the feedback Rick! My main goal is to get people to click on the Available Puppies & the Upcoming Litters links/circles at the top of the page. The subscribe button is sort of secondary. I do send out litter announcements, but it is more for people who have decided the timing is not right and want to be notified of litters down the road. I really should rethink it’s placement altogether.

The slider is something I recently added and really want to use to showcase the gorgeous dogs we have provided with our program. I know there are a lot of slides, but that’s only about half of the ones we want to put up there! Currently I have a small call to action when someone scrolls over the slider images and it directs them to the available puppies page.

I agree on the large testimonial graphic. I will try to brainstorm a better way to get a few testimonials on the homepage. I have about 30 testimonials with pictures on the testimonials page, and a lot more to load. I really want to include some on the homepage. Would another small slider, fit into a container, that showcased one medium sized image and a full testimonial be better?

I threw this together in like… 10 minutes

Make the headlines in a slider and put more dog pictures on the right.

Also no one is going to know about your call to action in the sliding pictures unless they roll over it.

Not trying to being overly critical…

  • but I don’t understand why you have made this site complicated.

That’s just my first impression… after reviewing your source.

Probably because it’s the first site I’ve built with webflow! It’s really easy to use but it does get complicated quickly. Do you have any specifics that I could work on to clean it up and simplify it? I really don’t mind a little critical feedback!

With my next site, I plan to organize the main template and class names better from the get go.