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Seeking Constructive Feedback

Good morning, Webflowers. I am looking for some constructive feedback on a website that I built for my daughter. My share link is here. I am hoping to build websites for some other gymnasts as a side hustle however there is another company who has the name recognition in this industry. Honestly, I think that the sites I build are better but I will be fighting an uphill battle with this. So if you have the time, please provide me some feedback on the following:

  • Readability on different devices

  • Site navigation, broken links, and general user friendliness

  • Site content

  • Video Gallery (should I have videos in lightbox autoplay or no)

And if you have even more time to give a guy some advice on how to get his name out there, I’m all ears. Thanks!

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Site looks pretty decent.

However, my beard grew a bunch waiting for a million videos to load.

Why not make that screen a menu grid, each item linking to a video rather than loading them all at once?

@herb200mph thanks for the feedback. This is exactly what I’m looking for. It shouldn’t take the videos too long to load since they are just lightboxes with videos hosted on Youtube. Do you mean the lightbox thumbnails? The thumbnail images are set to lazy load as you scroll them into view but maybe I can put a really low res image as the background image instead of the loading GIF.

My feedback

@nwdsha this is awesome. I appreciate your taking the time to do this and I am going to try out some of the suggestions you made. Stay tuned.

You’re very welcome @Aksaunders :+1:

OK guys, can you take a look at the shared link again as I have made several changes based on your feedback. In the keep folder, I have an alternative homepage which can be seen here. Do you think I should go live with the alternative homepage? The new videos page uses a lightbox plugin called Magnific instead of the native lightbox widget. Again, I appreciate your taking the time to view the site.

The first thing I noticed was the the nav bar has a weird cut off on the top left corner. personally I think I would make the site style a little more bold because it is a athlete portfolio page.

The site content is GREAT, but I wouldn’t use too big fonts in the about page to ask people to “remember me”. Instead, why don’t you try using a professional image or some sort, or maybe use a more elegant style in the about page to make it more rememberable?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Jason_Runyuan_Chen thanks for the feedback. I see the same cutoff when I am working in Webflow. I don’t see the same thing however when I view the live site. I will play around with the text on the about me page.