Redesigned Company Site - Feedback Please!

Hey Guys,

This is my second site designed in Webflow. I recently started a new job and quickly realized the company they outsourced to for web design did a poor job and was overcharging.

I decided I would try my hand on my own time (nights and weekends) and present them an MVP and convince them to use Webflow CMS instead of Wordpress.

I’d add the original URL, but I am afraid it will be indexed. If anyone knows how to add a nofollow URL in here, please let me know

Here’s my redesign (it’s still being worked on)

We’re in a pretty “old school” industry, so I wanted to stay away from flashy/vector type graphics. But I think I could make it cleaner.

Feedback is welcome!

No takers? I’m hopefully presenting this internally this week :wink:

Hi @MarkLerner

My main feedback would be…spacing…it needs spreading out a little more to breathe, and also it looks like you have an overflow issue on the navbar - it’s currently going off screen on desktop.

The Hero section has a healthy amount between the headers and text and buttons, but further down some of the sections seem cramped.

Those spaces could be increased to 60 or 80px and given more space to breathe in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


From a UX perspective it is very chaotic, probably something you aren’t wanting to convey to a client. Ditch the animations and begin to distill what you want to showcase as your strengths as your initial view. Your copy is hard to read due to the background images. You’re in logistics? Buyers want highly organized information and only as much as needed to determine if they need to dig further. There’s a great deal going on with the page, but those are just some bold points I’d examine initially.

Definitely more spacing.

The shadows on the boxes could be more subtle, they’re too noticeable (one of things I do too much of too) and the hero text disappears too quickly on the scroll interaction, it’s like you don’t want people to see it for too long.

Make the movements more subtle, it’s difficult to do, but try to make them less obvious. It looks a little like you have a load of effects to play with and you’ve used them all, maybe more consistent.

There is some white text on a white background on this page


Some of the images are huge too, 1.8mb etc so they need optimising to help load times.

There is a lot of information structured well, and the colour scheme and fonts are consistent which is great.

If you present this your audience will want to immediately get on their mobile device to follow along- but your mobile portion is broken at the moment. Design with a rich mobile experience in mind if you want to wow them.

Make sure imagery reinforces your message or else replace with white space.

I’m writing this from my phone, I’ll check desktop when I’m back in the office.

Hey guys

Great feedback. Forgot to mention I didn’t optimize for mobile yet. Wanted to get feedback internally before doing that.

Mark Lerner

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Hi Mark,

Where do I start… There’s a lot of adjustments to be made with div block spacing, section white space, less use of box shadows, the vertical alignment of the hero section, smooth hover button animation, and obviously the responsive mode needs a major overhaul.

With that said, I love the interactions as you scroll down the page and the overlapping of content over image.

I also suggest optimizing the background images with for fast page loading and better user experience

All the best,

Really great feedback so far, thanks everyone. I’m adding more white space between sections, getting rid of the drop shadows on some of the H1/2/3s and lowering the shadow on some of the text boxes.

My next step is probably going to require moving this over to Wordpress and using Advanced Custom Fields… which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Anyone have any useful tips?