My first website - Please let me know where to imprive

This is my first creation, I’m not a wimp so please do let me know where I can improve.

Really appreciate your time and feedback.


Hi Roxzfr,

Your website’s pretty good! Nice job.

Couple of tips:

  • Use a font for your heading with more personality than verdana.
  • Use the header logo as a navigation button to your home page. I’m just used to clicking on logos to go back
  • Perhaps put more colors in your sections - I think there is a bit too much gray
  • Try to be consistent with the radius of your buttons some have 0 radius (the blue ones) while the white bordered transparent buttons have a radius of 4
  • Your ducky and water drop pictures on the home page are pixelated
  • For me the “contact” link on the header should be on the right. It’s much more common than being the 2nd article on the header menu
  • How come the “parts” section is the only one that has a black and yellow menu?

There. How this helps :smile:

Thanks Chloecan,

Great feedback and some I am most certainly acting on.

The parts section has a different colour menu as it replicates our key supplier colours, a bit of psychology going on!

thank you again - really appreciated :smiley:

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