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Complete Re-Design of my site

Decided it was time to abandon the old design that i had going on for some years now. (goodbye old friend :cry:)

It’s not done just yet, I still have to go through it at least 3 times to make sure it’s production ready

Feedback is much appreciated! (i mean any feedback :grinning:

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Love it! Couldn’t see the social icons in chrome but in safari, very strange.

I like your logo. A lot. :smile:

For readability, some suggestions:
Give your infographic columns a bit more padding (now 10px, go to 20px)
Give your paragraphs a lineheight of 1.5 em and add some margins for “cleaner” look.

  p {
margin-bottom: 5px;
padding-right: 4px;
padding-left: 4px;
font-size: 17px;
line-height: 1.5em;
margin-top: 20px;

Give your container “explained” a margin-top and bottom of 90px
Give .prcing-infographic, give it a margin-bottom of 40px

That makes it like this:

As I personally like light backgrounds over dark ones, maybe you could try something like this (give Paragraphs a darkgray, background near white):

And for your promise “WE KNOW THAT DESIGN IS EXPENSIVE…”
I’d say something like: “We believe design shouldn’t be expensive”

I suspect an adblocker :smile:

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yeah just might be lol. i uploaded two fonts so it should work

also, THANK YOU! Much appreciated. The light site would look awesome. If there was a “turn on the lights” button for the site, that would work awesome. that way people could get the best of both worlds

SO! I took in the advice from you guys. it looks awesome! I did a final touchup and it looks awesome! thank you! its live here

Yup, much better. More “breathing”. Well done.

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Work on the copy on your second section. Change the phrasing. Make it more conversational. Some of it is a little wordy and stiff, sometimes it’s even confusing. For instance: consider changing “We only add parts to a design that works” to “We only add elements to a design if they serve a purpose.” Include some catchy phrasing like “Less is more” ,“We focus on functionality.”, “Functionality is its own aesthetic.” By design is science I assume you are referring to occam’s razor. You might want to make that connection somehow in your copy. Also, the last phrase needs to be “We make sure your design appeals to others as well as you DO” The other bullets need similar re-working done.

If less is more for you, considering taking off the opacity elements in your graphic design section and, even moreso, in your photography section. It detracts from the user experience. People want to scan your photos and get a general idea of your style and ability. The eye moves much faster than the hand. This discrepancy proves for a clumsy feel, which will ultimately get in the way of the mental process of the person evaluating your work. You don’t want this dissonance in the sales process.

Similarly the module that you’ve used to present your web design portfolio is super nifty. I love that thing too, but you haven’t integrated it well in with the rest of the site. It’s hiding your content from the user. That’s bad design. You’d be much better off with a 3x4 grid of thumbnails with some simple size and padding rollover transitions. That way I can see your designs clearly without needing to cock my head to the side and without requiring user-input

Contact us: the envelope below the text is hard on the eyes. It makes reading difficult and most won’t even recognize it as an envelope. Again, simplicity with the design. Configure the elements in such a way that they create a cohesive experience while accenuating content.

Do a line break with “Like our work.” I would experiment with redueced font size and slight color changes on that text to call it out.

Another line break

“Contact us for a free quote”
Another line break

Your envelope exactly where it is

Last, but not least, increase the height of the “your inquiry” form so that feels more like an object. It’s jumbled together with the social networking and copy-write information. Increase space between the submit button and the 3 social networking buttons.

Hope this helps!

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