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First try, would love some feedback

Hello, first try in webflow and I love it so far, There are some responsive issues that I noticed but what do you all think?

feedback would be much appreciated

Thank you


Personally I think it is way to busy. This happens when you put dark pictures upon dark pictures and then use a bright yellow gradient.

Some tips how to make it better: Remember, the style today is flat and simple. Very simple. Don’t try to squeeze all you can in one site. I would rather see a scrollable site then a fixed image with so much content that I am confused on where to press. Would also try to incorporate more light colors… it looks in my opinion unappealing when the restaurant is so dark. My first impression was that the restaurant was always that dark automatically making me not want to go. I would also take up some more quality photos and more set up shots… to make them look like stock rather than amatuer photos.

But overall for a first site in Webflow great job. With every project you do I am sure you will grow and get better and better. Keep up the work and make sure if you have time maybe do some research on flat websites… or better yet check out the Webflow template place they helped me a lot in better understanding how to go flat while still using images.

Have fun exploring! :grinning::blush::wink:

Hello, Albert (@ablanco)! Welcome to the Webflow community! :slightly_smiling:

I noticed you already add some changes to your site based on @VLADinSACRAMENTO suggestions (I saw 1st version too).
I think the dark theme for restaurants can be too, but in other parts, I will agree with him. It is really good practice to go through existing restaurant templates and pick some ideas or at least look at the structure (layout).

I like the idea with yellow color :slight_smile: (Actually one of my favorite).


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