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Personal Website Up and Running using webflow!

Let me know what you think of the new site:

Thanks for the support!



Great Job! :smile:

I just noticed one little difference with social buttons on different pages:

home page:

Other pages:

This got pointed out to me today, but sadly I am at work and can’t fix it yet.

I was updating the social links on the home page last night and neglected to copy it over to all the deeper pages… woops!

Thanks for the reminder.


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Thanks for sharing with the community :smile:

Great job, everything looks to be in order as far as I could tell after a quick glance - loving the hero section.

I did find myself looking towards the top of the page as I scrolled down for a sticky header with links and such. I would say that since you have separate pages for each section, you could look into implementing a header that drops down after the viewer gets past your hero. This also allows visitors the ability to contact you no matter how far they scroll down through your pages.

I also noticed you had a dribbble, so I was happy to be your 30th follower :smile: Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Hey Mikey,
Thanks for the suggestion, I was considering a sticky nav, but didn’t get to it before launch. I think I will go back and dev one out!

Lovely site @marshalletaylor :slight_smile:
Your designs are so crisp & clean and your header section is awesome :smile:

Wow! Such a fun site, love the colours!!

One suggestion, looking at the logo designs I was getting a little confused seeing the information pop up over the image, I thought at first that I was reading about the logo next to it. I’d maybe do a more transparent hover or something like that.

Otherwise, I absolutely love your branding, and all your colour/font/layout choices!

Great website, as mentioned - incredibly fun and funky. Your logo designs are really great work also.

I noticed two things really quickly:

  • on your WEB DESIGN page the “contact me now” link hasn’t been linked to your contact page; and

  • just a personal preference, but on your contact page whilst the form is great - I often try to provide direct contact information also i.e. someone might want to call you or email you directly… This might be a conscious choice to not provide your contact information, in which case that’s fine, however I often think it’s not a bad thing to provide it above, next to or below the form.

Again - great work! I’m in the process of updating my own website at the moment and this is some great inspiration.

This is all such great feedback! Thanks for the tremendous support, it is really appreciated!

@emilygillis That’s a great suggestion, I will try playing with the hover states.
@domin8tor nice catch on the contact button, I will link it asap. I try and not provide my phone number lol but great suggestion for having alternative methods to contact me, I will post my email.

Thanks again for the awesome feedback everyone, first post to the the webflow design community, and I am so happy to get such great constructive criticism!

Is it possible that I can’t reach the website anymore?

I’m curious to see the full site instead of the screenshot.

Hey @JoLu sorry for the late repply, the site was temp down but should be good to browse now. Thanks again for the support!