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My First Template (Fitness/Gym)

Hi Guys,

I’m going to launch a template for Gym websites. It’s currently in review by the staff, and I’d like to hear feedback from you guys as well.

Thanks a lot!

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It looks good! Nice use of colors and layouts are rather unique.

Only thing for me is that its a little light on pages and content layouts for a full theme. Would be good to see some page layouts for gym classes and schedules or anything else to give it more substance.

great job! As for the hero row header images, I would change them to something with both a man and woman in the photo.

maybe like this:

just a thought :smiley:

Nice work. I like the colors, but I find it hard to see the dark orange text on top of the orange background. Maybe use a lighter text color so that it’s more visible. And the form fields I’d make more visible also… a light or low opacity border/background maybe. Just my two cents… much success either way.

Thanks for your feedback! From my experience color calibrate of different monitors as well as font rendering in browsers can have a lot of impact on readability. I’ll change the colors :smiley: