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My First Template

I have finally created my first template from scratch!


Thoughts, ideas, etc.

Hi @MinewireNetwork

Great job so far! Before turning it in, double check your styles to make sure you aren’t getting any horizontal scrollbars when resizing your browser to a viewport lower that 1344px.

Woops, I already submitted it. I’ll try to fix the bar.

another thing you may want to fix is that photo/vector art of Ron Swanson. We aren’t allowed to sell copyrighted material in our marketplace.

If you’re looking for faces to use for free, try this site:

hope this helps :smile:

Ok, thanks. I found one and I’m just going to repeat them in the section. I sent the email. :smiley:

The loading thingy at the beginning was really awesome!

However, the colors throughout are not that appealing to me. I’m 80% designer / 20% developer. Visual appeal is what motivates me to buy/download a template. Maybe change the text color to white on the dark orange background.

Need to add some line height to the paragraphs, as it’s hard to read when it’s too bunched up closely.

Good job with the interactions throughout.

Very thorough review! I’ll take a look at making changes. :slight_smile:

@ns89 One question, though. Is it just because you don’t like the color orange or the specific shade or what? I made the changes, give it a look.

Much better!!

At first it was very dark throughout, now it’s more friendlier to the eye :slight_smile:

I appreciate the help!

Have a great day.