Complete & Live Website (Gym/Fitness)

Hi all!

Recently finished my website for my company. I’m not a professional web designer but I do it as a part time job/hobby.

Any way my main goal with this site was to get away from the cheese that surrounds fitness/gym based web sites.

I wanted to create a site that was easy to navigate on all devices and showed real human emotion with the pictures I have used all took by myself over the past few months.

Our mission is to make people better! No matter what level of fitness and I’m really pleased with the finished product as it showcases what our brand is all about.

Your feedback, good or bad will be appreciated.


Ohhh WOW!!! I am standing and applauding you! :clap:
Love the design, love the concept, and most of all I love the fact, that there are REAL working people on the pictures!!! Not fake models!
Thank you for sharing your work!

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Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

Nothing worse than stock images and I love the fact Webflow has helped me understand and simplify code.

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Fabulous site! That is the type of site that I see featured on AWWWARDS. Great job! :smiley:


I’m really impressed by your website. Good job!

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This is why I love using the forum, you get to see inspirational sites like yours built entirely with Webflow! Looks utterly incredible, love the look and feel and everything works smoothly. My 2 favourite parts are the feed/card section on the home page and the menu (all about the cleaness of the menu + the strikethrough hover state!)

My only point would be to add a hover state to the black box buttons under the titles (e.g. Get with bootcamp) just so people know where they are.

Seriously class work. And as @MinewireNetwork said, this is defo the kind of site that gets featured on awwwards!


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Awesome site man! Keep up the great work!

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Awsome @johndvv! Just had a glance at it looks superb! Will take a closer look later on. Well done!

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Yes, I love this site. Simple and slick navigation and the photos are great. The dark and light are just right for your company image. Well done!

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This website is amazing, I really liked the early preview of it but the finished piece is top quality. Great work! Also I live right by Liverpool so I might be checking Primal Fitness out too! :thumbsup:

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Great SITE! I love the color scheme you picked! :slight_smile:

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