Webflow Slider (Cant find a solution) Please Help!

Hello I am having some trouble figuring out a problem with the slider. For some reason I cant seem to cycle the slides. If you take a look on my read only I am trying to get the red slide to show up at the end and then each color after instead I shows 2 black spaces. Also I have tried owl slider and its too difficult to customize. I have no idea how to code either. Please help, thank you! Also here is an example of what i am trying to achieve.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bar 1919

Here is the a picture of the issue.

Hi @Helix_Media, you might check this article for a solution on creating a carousel like slider: Unique slider layout?

I hope this helps, the default behavior of the slider does not have a built in option for creating such a carousel slider except to only show one slide at a time instead of 3 at a time by adjusting the mask dimension, however this method of styling the mask to show three slides at a time on one “slide” will at the moment result in blank slides at the end.

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@Helix_Media hey contact me here and give me access of your webflow so i will add custom slider

hi @Helix_Media WF slider is very basic. There is many other Slider/carousel libraries that are very small with lots of features I will recommend GlideJS or SplideJS but there is SwiperJS just read documentation or watch YT videos to find the easiest for you to set up.

Beside @cyberdave link to possible solution I thing that Timothy Ricks have some video about carousel on YT.

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