Slider Help! Not sure how to get them to wrap around

The slider doesnt keep cycling, I need the mask to be limited so i can display the other slides. The issue is that when it gets to the last slide, it shows negative space until your cycle to the first. Is there any way to have the first slide cycle to the back like a loop without requiring code? I found the owl carousel, but customizing it is a mess and it didn’t work for me either. Please help thank you.

I am not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish. I would suggest a few things:

  1. Go into the Slider 4 element and click the eye with a dash in it (to not allow overflow)
  2. Put each slide at 100% width (slide 6, slide 7, etc. I also set the max at 100%)
  3. Give your left arrow a left 120 margin and the right arrow a right 120 margin.
    4)Set the width of the mask element to 100% too.

That fixed everything for me.

Hi Jake i appreciate your feedback. I tried to make the changed, but i dont think i didnt explain it right. Here is a picture of what i am trying to achieve.

Im trying to have it cycle when you click on either the left or the right picture/side

Why don’t you just make each arrow have a margin of 90, a width of 28%, and then put the opacity to 0%? Would that work for your desired function?

Anything beyond that is custom JS.

Hi @Helix_Media, here is a related post that might help:

Thanks Jake, yeah unfortunately it looks like i am going to have to figure out a different solution prob in JS. Thanks again for the help

Thanks Dave, unfortunately the slide clips when it finishes it cycle and the end result isnt very smooth. Im surprised that webflow hasn’t integrated an infinity slider that can act like a seamless carousel.