Multiple Images Not Working in Zapier

Hey there,
I’m trying to insert multiple images from each Airtable row through Zapier to Webflow CMS.

One of the fields in Webflow is a multiple photos field, and in Zapier I’ve tried using the multiple columns for each attachment, and inserting them each into the Multiple Images field. But when I test the Zap no image is uploaded to Webflow. I’ve also tried with all the attachments in one column.

If I use just one image it works.

But I would like a way to upload multiple images using Zapier? Is this possible or am I doing something incorrect?


Yes, it’s possible.

If you’re not receiving an error from the Webflow API, then it’s possibly that the images are bigger than 4MB each.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, try PowerImporter. It will sync all your Airtable fields to Webflow automatically. And if the images are bigger than 4MB, PowerImporter will give your a warning to let you know in its logs.

Hi Marc. I have started using PowerImporter for placing data from Airtable into Webflow and it works like a charm. I am able to transfer multiple photos as well Airtable → Webflow CMS.

My current issue is… I have a web flow form where I’m trying to upload multiple photos INTO airtable, but seems that airtable doesn’t support acceptance/upload of multiple photos. PLEASE HELP.