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Multi Reference Images to CMS through Zapier

Hi there!
Does anybody know if it’s possible to automate multi images from a form submission to CMS collection item through Zapier? I can’t make it work. I have 6 different file upload fields, but I’m not sure how should I format it on Zapier so it recognizes all those images as a multi image field.

It works for those fields when I just have one image, but I can’t make it work when there’s more than one.

For reference, this is the form:

This is the section where users upload the images that should be linked to the multi-image field in the CMS:


And this is how I was setting it up in Zapier, which ouputs literally nothing:

I tried separating the DATA with commas, spaces, columns, everything, couldn’t make it work.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hey @ohlalasacrebleu,

Was wondering if you managed to solve this? Thanks!