Image upload via Form → Zapier → Webflow CMS — Solved!

I want to know if I can have an image uploaded through the form, sent to Zapier, then displayed in the CMS.

I’ve spent the last couple days trying to figure this out… Finally found some of the answer in the Webflow video “How to use Zapier with your Webflow CMS site” found here at timestamp 15:35. Unfortunately the host could not answer the question I had because he did not have a business account and said he would post the answer to the forum. I had no luck finding it.

PLEASE help me out. I’m going crazy trying to figure this out. Thanks.

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Hello @iane. Welcome to the Webflow community.

I recently created a site to showcase area restaurants that are open. My workflow relies on a Webflow Form and Zapier to create an item in a collection.

Here’s the part of the form where someone can elect to upload a single file.

Add a Local Business to Naples Guide

Here’s that part of the form in the designer:

Here’s the start of my Zap:

Here’s setting up the item in Webflow in my Zap:

Here’s where I mapped my incoming form elements to the appropriate fields in my CMS. Circled is the image example.

Before mapping form elements to collection fields, I suggest submitting some form data. Having some data that Zapier can see always helps me map fields.

Hope this gets you going on the right track.

Another approach would be to use Integromat instead of Zapier. @mattvaru and @rileyrichter created tutorials and a cloneable showing how they’ve used Webflow forms and Integromat to create collection items. You can see the cloneable and info on tutorials here:

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Thanks Colleen! I’ve got all those steps in place already. Still can’t get the images to display in the collection page—but they do appear as submitted in the CMS collection (on the back end). Text inputs in the form display fine and show up in collection and on collection page. It’s strictly an issue with attachments.

What is really getting me is it shows the submitted image in the forms (in Webflow settings)

However does not display in the CMS collection:

Figured it out with the help of Webflow support team.

Within your project settings, have you turned off the restricted file settings in the form settings. This allows non-logged in members to upload files.


Hey! Any idea how to make it work with multi images and Zapier?


@iane do you know if this is only possible for an image uploaded via a Webflow form? I’m trying to achieve the same thing but with an image uploaded directly to Airtable, not uploaded in a Webflow form. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Colleen. I’m trying to use the Webflow API to import items with Zapier to the CMS but I can’t get the images to feed the multi-images CMS Field… Any idea, video that can help me find the solution?
If not, can you send me an estimated quote of that kind of work?

Hi @Nicolas_Marquez.

I haven’t tried doing multi-images.

Sorry on the late reply. I haven’t experimented with Airtable so can’t advise there.

Hi Nicolas,
Have you had any luck with multi images?

Hi Colleen,
Do you have any idea to do multiple images?
Because I use your solution for a thumbnail, but it didn’t work for multiple images and also I did not receive any errors
kindest regards

Hey! Any idea, how to make it work with multi images and Zapier.