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Zapier Instagram Not Pulling Images

Hi all,

I set up a Zapier / Webflow / Instagram integration using this tutorial:

However I am running into an issue. The Zap is only working some of the time due to this error:

It appears that the thumbnail URL is too long for Webflow to pull the image into the CMS…

Is there anyway I can fix this? Should I be pulling something other than the thumbnail URL for the images? The Webflow tutorial says to pull the “Images Standard Resolution URL” but this isn’t available to me.

Thanks for any help!!

Actually, the error message says your “Name” value is too long. Looks like you are trying to put the Instagram description into the Name field. That’s too long, you should use something else for the Name field. Maybe the instagram post id, since it will also be used to generate the slug.

Thanks so much, Marc!! Seems to be working now.

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Hey Marc,

It seems I was too hasty to give the all clear. Zapier isn’t alerting me to any further errors however my CMS is only updating with the instagram post’s captions now (it pulls the image / thumbnail to Webflow occasionally, but not every time). Can you think of any reason why Webflow might not be pulling the thumbnail every time?

Thanks again for the help!

Thanks soooooooo much


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Ah yes, I know this problem way too well. :rage: I had the same problem on my first version of I would pull the images from Airtable and give them to the Webflow API and Webflow would quietly ignore some of them. So frustrating.

I finally figured out the problem: Webflow quietly ignores images that are over 4MB. No error message, no warning. That’s why Zapier isn’t alerting you.

You’ll have to resize your images before posting them to Webflow.

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That makes sense, thanks Marc! I struggling to workout a workaround for videos posted to Instagram though… as there will be no way to ensure the IG thumbnail that Webflow pulls will be under 4MB. Any ideas? This is for a client website so even the idea of them having to make sure each image they post to IG is under 4MB seems a lot.

Really appreciate all of the help :slight_smile:

One solution would be to use Zapier to put your IG images and posts into Airtable, then setup PowerImporter to sync Airtable to Webflow.

When you add images into Airtable, they automatically resize them into 3 different sizes, and PowerImporter will use the most optimal size for Webflow to ensure it’s under 4MB.

Thanks so much, I’ll give this a try!

I am experiencing the same problem. However I have checked the size of the image posted on my phone and it is 1.1 MB

Could this still be an issue or is it something else?