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Airtable to Webflow: Multiple Images to Image Gallery

Hi all!

I’m setting up a Zap from Airtable to Webflow CMS, and it’s all going great (loving it!), but I can’t seem to import multiple images in Airtable into Zapier’s action then publish that into Webflow CMS. It only seems to attach one image at a time.

Is there a way to zap multiple images into Webflow’s CMS image gallery? Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot of your Zap? At first thought shouldn’t be a problem, but personally haven’t tried.

Hi @Drew_Schafer

Thanks for helping! Sure, here’s a photo of a more detailed Zap. Please let me know if I should provide a screenshot highlighting something else. Thanks!

Hi @Drew_Schafer, any thoughts/feedback? Thank you!