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Upload images to multi-image-field with Zapier

Hey there,

does anyone know how to upload images to the multi image field via Zapier?

Only one image is pulled into the multi image field right now.
The format I currently use is:
https://my-image1.jpeg, https://my-image2.jpeg, https://my-image3.jpeg
I also tried to replace the comma , with ",". But only the first image is getting pulled.

Any ideas? I´m glad for your help.

I’m having the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution?

I contacted Zapier support and they were very helpful, but I’m no closer to solving this. I was trying to use a webhook to send a PATCH request using the Webflow API as I thought that might solve the problem. But apparently the Zapier webhooks app doesn’t currently support the sending over of an array of line items (which is how the photo URLs are formatted from Airtable in my case). There is a feature request to update this but no ETA.

They suggested using a loop in the Zap but this also doesn’t work since sending one photo at a time in the webhook just overwrites the image each time.

I then tried a Javascript code step to convert the array into a string of URLs to then send via the PATCH request and the weird thing is I can get it to work here if I test it manually but it doesn’t work if I let the Zap run automatically.

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Hey thank you for the responds. I´ve no solution so far within zapier. I now build my own API with a programmer.