Multilanguage manual translation for Webflow

Hello fellow Webflow designers and developers

I am trying to figure out how to resolve an issue for 5 days and it is making me hopeless.

Could some of you give me some advice on how to resolve the following:

To sum it up I don’t need automatic translation nor some third party providers like Weglot. I simply just need my clients to see my website on 4 languages that I will manually translate.

In the end we just need buttons english(en), french (fr), italian (it) and spanish(es).

PS. What is problematic is that we will have 60 blogs per year and we want ot avoid bad SEO and paid translation.

Can some one please please please help?

Thank you in advance guys

All the bas to you all

Hi, folks! Jesus here from the Polyflow team :blush:!

I wanted to introduce you to this alternative to duplicating Webflow pages to translate content or tools like Weglot.

It is called Polyflow, which is a tool specifically designed for use with Webflow to translate websites into multiple languages. One of our main goals is to improve SEO.

Here you can see a short product demo

If you are interested in learning more about Polyflow, we would be happy to help you with any issues.

Hi there! I am currently dealing with a similar issue around a multi-regional site and a CMS. I was planning on doing all the regional sites in one project, designing the US version first completely with components, then duplicating them for each region and manually swapping content between components so that the overall design can just be updated from the original component.

This has worked well for me so far, but I ran into a problem with the CMS. We have a big blog with ~250 posts, and I would like each of the posts to have a regional version. It would appear that there is no clean way to present one CMS item multiple different ways natively in Webflow.

Polyflow looked like the perfect solution based on what I have read, unfortunately they are not currently accepting new signups, which has me concerned about their longevity as a solution… And also leaves me looking for another third party solution that will allow for manual regionalization of content.

It seems like Polyflow is no longer working. I tried to contact their support a while ago, but I haven’t received a reply yet. Is there another localization plugin working with CMS?