Multi-lingual site Please, S'il vous plaît , alsjeblieft

Dear Webflow,

Please help me out. I’m ready to upgrade to the professional plan but one thing is stopping me from doing that. You see… i live in a city Brussels that is divided, two nations living together, everything is named twice in french and Dutch…and I mean everything! roads, metro station, shops, ambulance etc…

I really love what you guys have create and that fact you have just added a CMS to your application just made webflow an undisputed winner.

So…please how do i create Multi-lingual site with Webflow? without creating multiple sites. Answer this for me and i will be long time customer.

Thank you


There is no native support. And I’ve seen quite a few posts mention this too. AS someone who works with companies that require 2-4 languages I am very excited at the thought of this.

You COULD create your sites with 100% dynamic content fields and add a different language to each field. Messy but it may make editing easier when you dupe your site with /en /fr /nl.

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Thanks for commenting.

Where can i find more information on how to do that? Do you have any examples?


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