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Convince me to use webflow :D

Hi, I’ve been recently using squarespace and some multilingual plugins (no machine translations, all manual by my team as auto simply is not good enough) for some clients in norway and denmark (usually at least two languages required with every client). I’m quite tired of restrictions and love the look of webflow. I’m concerned that building a multilingual in webflow is currently quite a niche requirement and has little coverage/support. But still, I love the look of it so please convince me otherwise.

With Webflow you could use one of this:

With Localize you can manually translate, update whats needed and it will update the site.

Webflow does not do translation out of the box at the moment.

So switching to Webflow for translation alone is not gonna help you =) But with Webflow you will have much moore design freedom, a very nice community, an engaging develop team and soon a data base you design visually plus a cms. Happy times =D

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When i started learning coding css/bootstrap etc i gave myself three months learning period to be grounded through and through, but i was looking for a faster solution to speed up my learning process, then i met webflow. Believe me, from looking towards learning coding in three months to start designing a fully functional website in 24 hours, then i knew webflow was the ONE. I hope to remain with webflow for a very long while, just like a miracle when you have a chronic headache and then it comes along. :smile:

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