Multi-language. When?

Hi there,

I am about to start an ecommerce site.
Europe based, so multi-language is a MUST (at least two languages needed).

Does Webflow plan to integrate this feature in the near future?
Otherwise I’ll opt for another solution.

Thanks in advance!

Webflow does not publish a release date of product launches from what I have seen. There are plenty of tools that can provide multi-language features to a Webflow site. Easily found here in the forum.

If you need that in the core today, then looking elsewhere is your only option.

You might consider this custom code or Weglot until Webflow has native multilanguage

Custom code /67398



Expensive third party services

Hi guys, I am considering weglot for a client’s website.
Do you guys have any experience with it?
I’m worried about forms translation, CMS items and SEO.

I have no choice but to go with translation service as duplicating pages for extra languages will bring me very close to the 100 static pages limit.

Let me know if you have any experience to share.


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