Multi-language options

Hi guys,

Just wanted to quickly confirm with you guys, the best way to make a multi language website would be to use the multipage feature and just copy each page and translate it and make the corresponding links? Or is there any other recommended way to do that!
Thanks in advance!

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anybody set up a multi language page who could give a quick feedback? Are there any widgets available?
thanks again!

I don’t have the solution, but very interested to hear if anyone found a good solution since I need multi-language feature before I can use it for my main project.

Here’s a great solution guys:


It’s awesome and I would consider o use it, but it’s additional 25$ per month.
Please clarify, about possibility to add my own translated content(not machinery & 0.10 per word) for free.

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Thanks for the shout-out @thesergie! :smiley:

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s our integration guide. =>

Does this work with the webflow cms too?

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