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Multi-language sites & editor language overrides

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Webflow, but I’ve been designing sites for years and mostly work with Joomla for the moment. A friend introduced me to Webflow and I’m really excited about it. But, for my clientele, Webflow is missing a few key features. I’m an American web designer but I live and work in France. I’d love to start designing with Webflow right away, but if a client wants a multi-lingual site, I’ll be in a bind. Also, I think the CMS is awesome for clients, but again, the editor is only in English as I understand. There’s a huge market waiting for a system like Webflow here in France, and also world wide so it would be just perfect if we had some multi-language features.

Such as a language switcher type module that would allows us to create multi-lingual pages for CMS sites without weird work-arounds. Even if it didn’t do any language detection, but just allowed a default language and additional languages.

Also, it would be great if we could have access to edit language override files for the CMS editor. That way the user could add his own language to the CMS editor without it being a burden on the Webflow team.

Anyway, these are just some things I’d love to see in Webflow so I can start using it full time here in France.

If I can help with French translation in some way please contact me.

Thank you and keep up the good work!



I thought about CMS language overrides yesterday, too. I think it would be a great feature and webflow don’t has to translate the CMS by themselves in all kind of languages.

It could be a future-problem for me, selling a CMS-website to my clients in Germany which aren’t that familiar with english language.


Hi guys, you might also want to take a look at this same item on the wish list here: Ability to have multi-language support in CMS

Hi @cyberdave,

The topic you are meantioned is a little bit out of date. Although it was a nice solution to copy the website and put different languages in it , with a link between both; it was an awfull lot of work. Every new static page (exmpl the fotogalery) I had to make twice (since you can’t copy/paste between websites in the designer).

So I took the service of Bablic, and it’s working Great!

But still hoping on CMS Multilanguage in Webflow, Bablic is a kind of expensive :wink:

Grtzz Corine

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I just learned of a pretty interesting option from @Anna_Kelian. It’s called Multilingualizer. It allows you to add your translated text along with your default language text separated by full stops. Check it out. It has a one time fee instead of a monthly fee. There’s even an unlimited developer license.

Maybe this will get us by until Webflow has a better integrated solution.

Thanks @Anna_Kelian!

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Hello, I agree my customers are all french-speaking and I can’t use Webflow for creating blogs for them until the UI supports french language…

multilanguage or multi language is very important feature today. Especially for us with international clients
I wish also webflow soon will get this developed.
I have made several websites for customers as multi language in serif webplus but this software is today outdated and not even responsive, so I gave up using serif, now I am mowing over to webflow but it still lack solution for multi language? In serif I worked around multi language issue to first create 1 finnish page and put it on my domain as then I made a copy of the finnish page and placed it on a new page but now I had to go in to the english page and translate every single text and every button into english! What a huge job, and my customer wanted his website in 5 languages! Everytime there was a update in products, update in personnel, update in phone numbers on contacts page, then I had to go in and change every detail, on 5 pages. This was so old fashion and outdated method

But I hope webflow will not make a translation feature complicated, why not implement, support using googles already built translation code?
Since I am new with webflow and not tested it, I wonder how this google translate code would work?
Google Translate
Is there something webflow need to modify to fit into webflow software?

I also need the backend UI to be in a different language. I would be very happy to contribute something to the tranlation to make it happen. Right now it’s a barrier to sell WF to my clients in Germany. I cannot expect all of them to be confident enough in English.

Would love that too. Actually, I’m part of an indie and specialist localization team that would be glad to make it happen, given the interest from the Webflow team: