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Multi Reference Fields & Zapier, is it possible?

Howdy fellow designers & developers,

For some time now, I am trying to figure out how to get MRFs working with Zapier via the Webflow API. However, I have not been able to figure this out yet. When one CMS ID is given, it gets added correctly to with MRF. However, when multiple IDs are given, Zapier & Webflow cannot seem to connect the right dots.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this succesfully?

Kind regards,


I have has similar issue.

Does this work around work? Basicially instead of Zapping A to B, you might want to zap B to A.

I will use the following example to get your solution:

  1. CMS-1 is BLOG
  2. CMS-1 BLOG Contains a single Reference Field for Author
  3. CMS-2 is AUTHORS

A. Zapping CMS-1 with AUTHOR automatically ADDS a MULTI REFERENCE entry for “BLOGS” in CMS-2

Does that work?


Thanks for your response! I however do not think this would solve my issue. In my concept, the user has to option to choose amongst 20 categories (from a form). The chosen categories then should be zapped to the multi reference field.

I do not think your solution would solve this, would it?

Hi @HappyDigital,

did you come to a solution with your case?

Trying to do something similar, but it doesn’t work…

Anybody knows? Is it works after latest “CSV import now supports reference and multi-reference fields” updates?