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How to move a collection into a previously created folder?

Hey guys,

We’re working on building a Spanish version of a company, so we’re creating a folder called /es. Because we’re creating duplicates of all pages on our website to translate into Spanish, we also need duplicate our current blog collection and translate it into Spanish.

Is there any way to create a collection and insert it into a folder?



Collection template pages cannot be duplicated, renamed, or moved.

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Is there anyway to create a collection within another folder?

Collections are not pages, they do not have folder structures.

Collection pages are special pages, they do not have folders.

Please use the wishlist if you need them.

Okay thanks @samliew

@samliew, @cyberdave, or anyone else, is there any way to implement Spanish translations of our pages without using JS methods? Tools like LocalizeJS and Bablic still use Javascript to translate pages, which is not ideal for SEO. Here’s what I would like to do. Either:

  1. Set up Spanish-translated pages under an /es folder, or
  2. Set up subdomains under our main domain, like

Are either of these options possible with Webflow? The problem with #1 is that we can’t put dynamic content within the /es folder. For #2, I don’t know if we can create another project in Webflow (that has its own hosting) that’s only a subdomain. In this case, and would be separate projects in Webflow, with their own hosting plans.

Let me know what you think.

This is possible IIRC. The downside is that any design changes after the initial clone will have to be manually copied over, until we get this.